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There have been many stories and books written on the art of love, especially as it relates to the cultures of East India.  I am Diya, your quintessential East Indian paramour who strives to make her companions happy and blissful.  You will quickly see that I am quite reserved, even shy and bashful when you first meet me, but don't let that fool you.  I am also a Tigress, waiting to be unleashed, and can exhibit quite an amount of passion that will leave you panting for air.

What can I say? I enjoy the company of good people.  Kind, respectful gentlemen who know how to respect a woman, and who allow their women to express their passions freely.  Kindness, respect and humility will always be returned with love, affection and passion.

Don't wait to experience this exotic adventure with me.  It's easy to say I'm unique, but there's so much more depth than you know.  I'm truly humbled by the affections of others, and my reciprocation comes from deep within!

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